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April Action

April Action

It’s time to be even more visible in our demand for fair maps for Pennsylvania elections. Join us to take Action in April.

End Prison Gerrymandering in PA

When the Census Bureau counts people every ten years, people in prison are counted as part of the electoral districts where they are incarcerated, rather than in their home communities. This distorts representation at local and state levels, giving prison districts undeserved strength in the state legislature and reducing the influence of communities whose populations are most impacted by incarceration.

Joint hearing on redistricting and census delays

Our Fair Districts PA team was happy to hear of the joint hearing on redistricting scheduled for the Senate and House State Government Committees on February 24th. We hope it will be the first of several.

Say No to Judicial Gerrymandering

Some lawmakers want to pass a constitutional amendment that would effectively gerrymander our courts. This amendment would require PA’s statewide judges to run for election in regional districts drawn by lawmakers.