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Get to know your districts, and see what gerrymandering looks like across the state.

Detailed District Maps

Explore by county, township, boro, city or region to better understand the various districts that impact your area - PA Senate, PA House, School Districts, Municipal and Regional.

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Congressional districts

The 2011 PA congressional districts—which control who represents you in the U.S. House of Representatives—were some of the most gerrymandered in the nation before the PA Supreme Court declared them unconstitutional in January 2018 and redrew them. However, the Court didn’t change the partisan way redistricting will be done after the 2020 Census. It’s instructive to see what was done in the past and could well happen again.

Congressional districts over time

Our district lines didn’t get this way overnight. Select your district and see how much its shape has changed over the past 60 years—it might be more dramatic than you think.

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