Media Highlights

Redistricting reform is gaining ground. Just ask the media outlets from across Pennsylvania—and across the country—that have covered our efforts.

Below is a sampling of news coverage. Check out the Fair Districts PA FlipBoard for more.

People’s Map Offers Rationale for Borders: Opinion Column
By Janet Mom. Gyekis, Wellsboro Gazette

Advocates Want a More Diverse General Assembly, But Making that a Reality is Complicated
By Stephen Caruso, Pennsylvania Capital-Star

Gov. Wolf Proposes Guidelines for Redistricting
By Justin Heinz, Patch Norristown

Shine a Light on Fair Representation
By Rabbi Barbara AB Symons & Rabbi Aaron Biso, TribLive

The People’s Maps’ Seek to Give Voters a Voice [Column]
By Amy Ruffo, Lancaster Online

Fair Districts PA Maps Make Sense (Letter)
By Kermit “Doc” Norris, Lancaster Online

Redrawing Voting Districts in Chester County Not Complete
By Michael P. Relaxant, Daily

It’s Not About You, Senator
By Lisa Von Ahn, Republican and Herald

PA. One Step Closer to Redrawing congressional District Maps
By Dwayne Marie, WFMZ

Tell the Legislative Reapportionment Commission What You Think
By Patricia Rooney, MyChesCo

Group to Again Lobby Harrisburg Lawmakers for ‘People’s Maps’ Over Traditional PA. Politics
By Deb Erdley, The Tribune Review

Group Fights to Change Pennsylvania’s ‘Unfair’ Voting Districts/Community
By Michael Roknick, Sharon Herald

Letter: Pennsylvanian’s Ready for Fairer Voting Maps
By Susan Fudurich, The Beaver County Times

Guest Editorial: Time for ‘The People’s Maps’
By Jim Hertzler, The Carlisle Sentinel

Trudeau: Pay Attention as Pennsylvania’s Redistricting Process Progresses
By Debbie Trudeau,

Letter: Redistricting Commission Needs to Share Information
By Patricia Rooney, Reading Eagle

‘People’s Maps’ Offer a Redistricting Alternative
By Emily Scott, Saratoga Post

Advisors to Governor Wolf Hear from Central PA Residents about Drawing the Next Congressional District Map
By Min Xian, WITF

Citizens Take Shot at Fairer Redistricting
By Von Ahn, Republican and Herald

Much of PA’s Redistricting Process Still Takes Place Behind Closed Doors
By Kate Huangpu, The Longhaven Express

Pennsylvanians Still Don’t Have a Fair, Transparent and Nonpartisan Redistricting Process
By Lancaster Online Editorial Board, Lancaster Online

Feedback on Redistricting Process Given to PA Governor’s Advisory Council
By Halie Kines, Centre Daily Times

Dana Brown: Residents Must Act to Influence Congressional Redistricting
By Dana Brown, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Opinion: Make Your Voice Heard in Congressional Reapportionment

By Christopher S Fowler, Centre Daily Times


PA’s Redistricting Process is More Transparent than ever, But Not Many People are Participating
By Hannah Brandt, ABC27

It’s Time to Make Redistricting Independent of Political Influence

By Mark S. Single,


PA’s Terrible History of Redrawing Congressional Districts Must Stop/Letter
By David Wolfson, Lehigh valley

A Local Expert Has Been Elected to the Governor’s Advisory Board on the New Parliamentary District

By Pete Marienthal, Reading Eagle


LTE: Comment Period Too Limiting
By Mary Anne Heston, Wellsboro Gazette

PA Dems: New Rules Needed for State Senate Accountability
By Emily Scott,

Changing Constituencies is an Opportunity to Have a Say
By Pete Marienthal, Pennsylvania News Today

Redrawing Democracy, and Gerrymandering
By Jenna Smith, The Grizzly (Ursinus College)

Rollerblades, Cheerleaders and Caped Superheroes Bring Gerrymandering to Life at Bakery Square
By Anya Litvak, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Gov. Wolf Creates Redistricting Advisory Council to Aid Upcoming Process
By Bill OBoyle, Wilkes-Barre Times Leader

Prison Gerrymandering is Over in PA
By Patricia Rooney, Pennlive

York County Teen Wins Statewide Redistricting Map Competition

Redistricting Commission Scales back Original Plan for Counting Inmates
By Jon Dalano, CBS Pittsburgh

PA PA Commission Votes to Scale Back ‘Prison Gerrymandering’ Reform Made Last Month
By Katie Meyer, WHYY

GOP vs. Wolf: The 5 Biggest Fights in PA as Lawmakers Return to Challenge Governor
By Candy Woodall and J.D. Prose,

York Resident Wins Statewide Mapping Prize/ Northeastern Graduate Shows How Not to Gerrymander with Statewide Mapping Prize
By Patricia Rooney, York Daily Record

Readers React: Add Your Voice to the Redistricting Conversation
By Carla Colangelo, The Morning Call

Berks Man Draws Award-winning Pennsylvania Legislative Map
By Richard Patterson, Pennsylvania news

Berks Resident’s Redrawn Map of PA Legislative Districts Wins an Award
By Karen Shuey, Yahoo News

Don’t Let Lawmakers Tear Apart the Lehigh Valley’s Congressional District Again/ Letter
By Carla Colangelo, Lehigh valley

Area Resident Among Winners in Statewide Mapping Contest
By Patricia Rooney,

‘Do No Harm’: House Lawmakers Get an Earful on How to Redraw Pennsylvania Congressional Maps
By Sam Dunklau, WESA 90.5

PA Voters Maintain Majority Support for Redistricting Reform. Advocates Hope to Finally Achieve it by 2030
By Gillian McGoldrick, LancasterOnline

PA. Redistricting Commission Votes to End ‘Prison Gerrymandering’
By J.D. Prose, York Daily Record

PA. Ends ‘Prison Gerrymandering’ with Closely Divided Committee Vote
By Katie Meyer, WHYY

Advocates Press for End to ‘Prison Gerrymandering’
By John Finnerty, Sudbury Daily Item

Groups Call for Public to be Part of Census Redistricting

By Emily Scott, Bucks County Herald


A Surge of Citizen Activism Amps Up the Fight Against Gerrymandering
By Laura Bliss, Bloomberg

Ending Gerrymandering: the Redistricting Fight in PA.
WHYY Radio Times

Redistricting Fight Fuels Surge of Citizen Activism
By Laura Bliss, Bloomberg

4 Takeaways from New PA Census Data and What it Means for Redistricting
By Sarah Anne Hughes,

With New District Data, Pennsylvania Congressional Redistricting Can Really Get Moving
90/5 WESA

Opportunity Must Not Be Wasted: Public Input in Redrawing Legislative Districts is Commission’s Goal
New Castle News

Census In PA: What the Latest Figures Mean for Legislative and Congressional Seats
By J. D. Prose, Go

Maplab: Citizen Mappers Fight for Fair Districts
By Laura Bliss, Bloomberg

Redistricting Needs Public Input
By The Editorial Board, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Redistricting Reform Advocates Want to End Prison-based Gerrymandering. Experts Say it’s Possible
By Marley Parish, Pennsylvania Capital-Star

Multiple Panels holding Hearings as State Braces for Redrawing of Political Lines
By John Finnerty, Sudbury Daily Item

Advocates Say PA Redistricting Process Must Prioritize Public Input, Communities’ Intactness
By Julian Routh, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Hearing Begin This Week on Pennsylvania Legislative, Congressional Redistricting
By Julian Routh, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Redistricting Reformers Want Changes to How Political Maps are Drawn
By Justin Switzerland, City & State Pennsylvania

Local Women Recognized for Environment Involvement
By Robert Tomkavage, The Times Tribune

Nordenberg Pledges Open, Honest Redistricting Process for Pennsylvanians
By Julian Routh, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Fair Map Advocates Keep an Eye on PA Redistricting Efforts Ahead of 2022 Elections
By Katie Meyer, WDIY

Will This Round Of PA Redistricting be Another All-Out War? It’s All in the Details
By Katie Meyer, WHYY News

A Voice in Redistricting
The Bradford Era

Census Bureau Data Will Help Guide States’ Redistricting

Redistricting Process About to Get Underway
By Brad Hundt, Observer-Reporter

Legislature Begins to Tackle Congressional Redistricting, While Many Warn against Political Gerrymandering
By Jon Delano, CBS Pittsburgh

Experts, advocates Call for ‘Transparency’, ‘Clarity’ in Reapportionment Process
By Cassie Miller, Pennsylvania Capital-Star

Op-Ed: GOP Redistricting Plan a Good Step, but Questions Remain
By Ardith Talbots,

People Get Voice in Congressional Redistricting (but not the redrawing of state districts)
By The Editorial Board, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Editorial: Redistricting Amendment Shows Harrisburg Hypocrisy
By the Editorial Board, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Letter: Transparency Needs Citizens’ Input
By Susan Fudurich, Beaver County Times

PA. Lawmakers Pledge Transparency as They Redraw Congressional Districts after Population Decline
One America news Network

Redistricting Requires Public Input, Independence

PA. Redistricting is Poised to Be Transparent. Will It Be Fair? Advocates Think Yes.
By Stephen Caruso, Pennsylvania Capital-Star

Grove to Lead Hearings to Make Redistricting Process More Open
By Logan Hullinger, York Dispatch

Pennsylvania House GOP Commits to Public Meetings, Vows ‘Most Transparent’ Congressional Redistricting Process Ever
By Sarah Anne Hughes, WESA 90.5

Petition Calls for End to Prison Gerrymandering in PA
By Emily Scott,

A Note to PA. Republicans: Just Because You Can Amend the State Constitution, it Doesn’t Mean You Should/ Opinion
By Patrick Beaty, Pennsylvania Capital Star

Citizens Who Want Fair Voting Districts Let Down
By Joyce Rizzo, Indiana Gazette

Redistricting Reform in PA. Is Dead for now, Advocates say. So What’s Next?
By Marie Albiges, The Philadelphia Inquirer

Advocates for Changes to Reapportionment and the Statute of Limitations Vow to Fight On
By Deb Erdley, TribLive

Redistricting Debate in Pennsylvania: Where It Stands
By Peter Blanchard,

Readers’ Views: Pennsylvania Redistricting Reforms: Gutted and Replaced
By Ruth Yeiser, The Times Herald

Vote on Redistricting Bill Set as Pottsville Rally Calls for Action
By Christine Lee, Yahoo News

Letter to the Editor: Gerrymandering Needs to End

By Karen Calhoun, Trib Live

Panel Agrees to Put Guardrails on how PA. Lawmakers Draw Congressional Maps, but Not on Their Own
By Marie Albiges, The Philadelphia Inquirer

Rally Goers Fight to End Gerrymandering
By Bo Koltnow, WFMZ 69 News

Ligonier Approves Resolution to Support Anti-gerrymandering Bill
By Deb Erdley, TribLive

Community Comment: Redistricting Reform- Now!
By Jean Handley, The Burg

Rally Held in Pottsville for Fair Redistricting
By Emily Graham, Yahoo News

LTE: The Time to Pass LACRA is Now
By Susan Carty, Olivia Thorne, Jamie Mogil, Roberta Bruner, Main Line

Census Data Reveal Shift in Population from Small Communities to Suburbs and Cities
By John Finnerty, The Tribune Democrat

Work Underway to Revive League of Women Voters in Westmoreland County
By Deb Erdley,

Advocates Push for Citizen Input and Transparency in New Congressional and Legislative Maps
By Deb Erdley,

Legislature Working Toward New Election Maps
By Brian Ferry, The Times Observer

Respondiendo a Llamados a la Transparencia, el Comite del Senado Celebra la Primera Audiencia Publica Sobre la Redistribucion de Distritos
By Marley Parish, Pennsylvania Capital-Star

Answering Calls for Transparency, Senate Committee Holds First Public Hearing on Redistricting
By Marley Parish, Pennsylvania Capital-Star

Our Election Integrity Starts With Redistricting
By Patricia Rooney and Amy Ruffo,

Readers’ Views: PA. Residents Demand an End to Partisan Gerrymandering
By Ruth Yeiser, The Times Herald

Volunteers Seek Support for Legislative and Congressional Redistricting Act
Latrobe Bulletin

Gerrymandering Must Come to End
By Denice Rodeniche, Altoona Mirror

End Partisan Gerrymandering
Lock Haven Express

Chester County Lawmakers Pledge Support for Redistricting Transparency Law
Montgomery Newspapers

Former Pitt Chancellor Scores High Marks to Lead Divided Redistricting
By Justin Sweitzer,

The Battle for Redistricting Reform Can Still Be Won
By Doug Webster, Gettysburg Connection

PA. Legislative Leaders Failed in Their Duty to Select Reapportionment Chair
By Editorial Board, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Day of Action Recognizes Progress and Work to Be Done

Op-Ed: Pennsylvania CEO’s Must Act on Redistricting Reform
By Paul Mathison,

Guest Column: Voters Want Fair Legislative Boundaries
By Kathie Beans,

Letters: Election integrity Begins Before the Vote;
By Ron Williams,

Pennsylvania Redistricting Struggle Looms

By Jack Tomczuk, Metro US

Who Benefits from Gerrymandering: The Party in Power? Or Veteran Politicians? “Yes”
By Seth Kaplan, ABC27News

Advocates-and their Dogs- Rally in Bellefonte to ‘Hound’ Lawmakers about Redistricting Reform
By Marley Parish, Centre Daily Times

Letter to the Editor: Redistricting Needs Reforms in PA.
By Mary Ann Mack, Delaware County Daily Times

PA. Redistricting Process Could Impact State Politics for the Next Decade
By Hannah Brandt, ABC27 News

Voteswagon Tour Visits Pittsburgh, Highlights Problems of Gerrymandering in PA.
By Amanda Waltz, Pittsburgh City Paper

‘Districts Belong to the Voters’ How One Man is Raising Awareness Ahead of PA. Redistricting
By Marley Parish, Centre Daily Times

Borowicz Fails to Listen to Gerrymander Concerns
By William van den Berg, Kathy Ebeling, Mary Ann Clark, Diane Mills, Michele Nicolas, Suzanne Weinstein,

Legislature Working Toward New Election Maps
By Brian Ferry, Times Observer

Reapportionment Commission Should Choose Chair from Anti-gerrymandering Group
By Editorial Board, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Letter: Fair Districts PA Advocate: Gebhard Should Reveal Stance on Senate Bill 222 Before Election
By Chris Bronder, Leb Town

Ballot Question on the 2021 Primary Election- Legislative’Congressional Redistricting Act 4-12-21

Lines Being Drawn in Battle Over FAir Voting Districts in Pennsylvania
By Eric Shields, Morrisons Cove Herald

Redistricting Advocate Sees Help from Argall’s Legislation
By Christine Lee, Yahoo News

PA. To Redraw State, Federal Election Districts Amid Controversy
By George Berkheimer, Morrison’s Cove Herald

Reports: PA. At ‘Moderate Risk” for Partisan Gerrymandering
By John l/ Micek, Pennsylvania Capital-Star

How You Can Make Voting Fair in PA
By David Thornburgh, Philadelphia Citizen

The Deciding Vote in PA’s High-Stakes Political Redistricting Could be Yours, if Lawmakers Agree
By Marie Albiges, Philadelphia Inquirer

Former Gov.’s Son Tours PA in VW Van to Raise Redistricting Awareness
By Stephen Caruso, Pennsylvania Capital-Star

Legislative Leaders Seek Applicants Interested in Serving as Chair of Reapportionment Commission
EIN News

Fair Elections are Not a Red or Blue Issue
By Connie Hester, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Redistricting Battle Looms in Harrisburg as Legislative Committee Takes Shape
By Matt Maisel,

Legislature Working Toward New Election Map
By Brian Ferry, Times

Senate Committee Passes Anti-Gerrymandering Bill
By office of Senator David Argall,

LTE: Group Voices Concern Over Possible Gerrymandering
By Gail Shturtz, John Farr, Bill van den Berg, Clearfield Progress

Smart Talk: Redistricting Reform Takes on Greater Importance DuringCensus year

Four of Pennsylvania’s Legislative Redistricting Commissioners are Confirmed. The Fifth Will Decide Who Wins or Loses.
By Stephen Caruso, Pennsylvania Capital-Star

Redistricting, Explained: What it is, and now PA. Politicians Get to Draw Their Own Maps
By Stephen Caruso, Pennsylvania Capital-Star

Keep Politics Out of the Courts
By Bob Merski,

Activists Get Behind Legislation to open Legislative Redistricting Process in Pennsylvania
By Julian Routh, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Organization Report: Democratic Women of Mercer County
Allied News

Renewed Hope for Redistricting Reform
By Ardith Talbot, The Intelligencer

Judicial Remap Amendment is on Hold- for Now. the Risk Remains
By Mark Ok’Keefe, Pennsylvania Capital-Star

Opponents of Gerrymandering are Recruiting a Citizen Army as Pennsylvania’s 2022 Redistricting Approaches
By Tom Shortell, The Morning Call

Redistricting Leaves Questions About Representation
By Brian ferry, Times Observer

Pongamos Fin al Guerimandaje para Logra Mas Receptividad
By Duncan MacLean, Q’Hubo News

Activist groups: Fair Legislative Districts Needed
By Mike Reuther, Williamsport Sun-Gazette

Editorial: Census Delay Means Mad Scramble for Legislative Redistricting

Census Data Delay Disrupts State Redistricting Plans
By Susan Miller,

Constitutional Amendment on Districts for PA Court Elections Shelved…For Now
By J.D. Prose, Beaver County Times

Calling All Moderates
By Patricia Rooney, MyChesCo

Delay in Census Data Could Put Transparency in PA’s Redistricting Process at Risk
By Marie Albiges, Spotlight PA

Russ Diamond’s Seriously Flawed Constitutional Amendment
By Ardith Talbatt, Bucks County Courier Times

Guest Opinion: House Bill 38 Would Tip the Scales and Shortchange Voters
By Bob Merski,

Stand In Support of FAir and independent Judges/ PennLive Letters
By Christine Jacobs, PennLive

Letters/ Responses to Diamond column on HB38
By Calvin Clements, Leb Town

Don’t Let ‘Geographic Diversity’ Line Fool You
By Christine Jacobs,

Take note: David Daley on Gerrymandering and the People Trying to Make it ‘Unrigged’
By Jenna Spinelle, WPSU Penn State

Residents Look to Educate Others about Judicial District Gerrymandering
By Kelly Stemcosky, The Wellsboro Gazette

Political Fight Brewing in Harrisburg over Redistricting
By Bo Koltnow, WFMZ-69 News

Letter: HB 38 Will be Awful for our Judiciary
By Jennifer Wood, Beaver County Times

LTE/ Say No to Judicial Gerrymandering
By Janice Eastbourn-Bloom,

Letter: State Legislative Rules in Need of Reform
By Ralph Montgomery, the

Redistricting Will be the Definitive Political Fight of 2021 in Pennsylvania. Here’s How it’ll Work
By Marie Albiges, WHYY

Legislature Majority Could Shift Districts for State Judiciary
By Marie Albiges,

Controversial Proposed Changes to PA Constitution Moving at Capitol
By John Finnerty, New Castle News

Guest View: Proposed Constitutional Amendment Would Extend Gerrymandering to PA Courts
By Lex McMillan, GoErie

State Legislators: Vote ‘No’ on HB 38
By Kathy Weidner, The Intelligencer

Redistricting Needs Transparency
Bradford Era

PA Republicans vs. the Will of the Voters: We all Lose
By Dan Frankel, Pittsburgh Jewish Chronicle

Proposal to Change How PA Appellate Court Judges are Elected Advances in Harrisburg
By Cody Carlson,

Fair Districts PA Fear Potential Change to Courts Could Lead to Gerrymandering
By Chris Ullery, Bucks County Courier Times

Fair Districts PA Hosts Town Hall on ‘Judicial Gerrymandering’
By Takesha Thomas, WFMZ- 69 News

PA House Approves Bipartisan Rules Tweaks as Senate Rages.
By Stephen Caruso, Pennsylvania Capital Star

Voting Districts for State Judges Must be Defeated
By Jean Weston & Monica Weninger, Bucks County Courier Times

Why isn’t the PA Legislature More Productive? Some Say Unfair Rules Hold Lawmakers Back.
By An-Li Herring, WESA

PA Redistricting Will be Different in 2021, but Some say Process Needs Major Overhall
By Julian Routh, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Judicial Gerrymandering: Just Say No/ Opinion
By Carol Kuniholm,

Local Legislators Weigh in on Changing PA Supreme Court Elections
By Michael P. Rellahan, Daily Local News

Say NO to Gerrymandering
By Barbara Neumuller, Lock Haven Express

Five Things the Legislature Can do to Make Pennsylvanian’s Lives Measurably Better in 2021
By John L. Mickey, Pennsylvania Capital Star

New Year’s Resolutions for Pennsylvania Legislators/Letter
By Mary Jo Crowley, Lehigh valley

Cap Star Q&A: PA House Democratic leader Joanna McClinton on Bipartisanshiip, Redistricting
By Stephen Caruso, Pennsylvania Capital Star

Our View: Why Harrisburg Can’t Get the Lead Out on Popular Bills
By Times Editorial Board, Beaver County Times

Your View: Why Important Pennsylvania Legislation Rarely Sees the Light Of Day
By Rochelle K. Kaplan, The Morning Call

A Pennsylvania Citizen’s Plea to Santa Claus/Letter
By Mary Erdman, Lehigh valley

Readers’ Views: Politics in Pennsylvania are Painful
By Patricia Rooney, The Mercury
A More Productive Legislature is Possible
By Ardith Talbots, Bucks County Courier Times

Can Courts Be Gerymandered. Too? Absolutely/Opinion
By Patrick Beaty, PATCH

A Need For More Transparency, Accountability in PA. Legislature
By Patricia Rooney, Pittsburgh Post Gazette

Legislative Rules Need Refreshing in Pennsylvania for Better Representation, Lawmakers Say
By Christen Smith, The Daily American

Is PA’s Full-time Legislature producing part-time results? Some Want More Bills Considered
By J.D. Prose, The Times

The Next Best Thing in the PA Legislature? Another Fight over Congressional Maps
By Katie Meyer, WHYY

Despite Election Losses, Democrats will Have Advantages in Next Year’s Redistricting Process
By No-LI- Herring, WESA 90.5

Pennsylvania Republicans Held on to the State Legislature. But Democrats Still Feel Good about Redistricting. Here’s Why.
By Andrew Seidman, The Philadelphia Inquirer

Partisan Chaos in Harrisburg Threatens Everyone. We Can Help by Ending Gerrymandering
By Carol Kuniholm, lehighvalleylive
It Doesn’t Have to Be like This in PA
By Carol Kuniholm, Lancaster Online

Redistricting Reform Is Still Possible

By Patricia Rooney, Lancaster Online

Gerrymandering an Issue in PA
By Stanley Chepaitis, The Indiana Gazette

Court Issues Go Beyond SCOTUS Seat and Includes PA’s Judiciary
Inquirer Editorial Board, Philadelphia Inquirer

Our View: In the Uphill Battle Against Gerrymandering, We’ll Take a Small Victory
The Beaver County Times

Readers React: Urge State Legislators to Pass Redistricting Reform Act
By Sally Weiskotten, Allentown Morning Call

Boscola Bill: If You Can’t Kill the Gerrymander, Handcuff It/Editorial

Killion’s Anti-Gerrymandering Bill Advances
Daily Local

Redistricting Reform Bill Moved to Senate Floor
By Patricia Rooney, My ChesCo

Lawmakers’ Power to Redraw PA’s Political Maps Could Be More Limited in 2021
By Cynthia Fernandez,

A Response to State Lawmakers on Gerrymandering
By Patricia Rooney,

Readers React: Act Would Create More Transparent Redistricting
By Mary Jo Crowley, Allentown Morning Call

Fowler: Be Prepared to Vote in November Election
By Bonnie Fowler, The Sentinel

Thanks GOP for Redistricting Bills (Letter)
By Patricia Rooney, LancasterOnline

OP-ED: Bipartisanship Key to Quality Process for Redistricting Pennsylvania
By State Reps Jared Solomon, Jin Gregory & Pamela DeLissio, York Dispatch

PA Legislature Has a Chance to Put People Oveer Politics
By John Baer, lehighvalleylive

PA Can Still Have a Fair Redistricting Process
By Patricia Rooney, Pittsburgh Post Gazette

PA Sec of State Among Celebrants of Women’s Suffrage Centennial
By Marlene Lang,

When Will Senator John DiSanto’s Actions on Redistricting Reform Match his Rhetoric?
By Jean Handley,

Voting Rights Advocates Inspired in August
By LWV of Bucks County,

Letter: Judicial Gerrymandering is the Latest Move by Untrustworthy Politicians
By Debra Trudeau, State College News

Major Redistricting Reforms Bite the Dust- Again
By Bruce Frassinelli,

LTE: PA Redistricting Shouldn’t be a Partisan Issue
By Rep. Chris Quinn, The Delaware County Daily Times

Opinion:Hypocrisy in the Statehouse
By Jean Handley,

LTE:HB 196 is Attack on Judicial Independence
By Susan Fudurich, The Times

Opinion: Redistricting Reform Should Not Be a Partisan Issue
By Jodi Reese, Penn Live

OP-ED: Fight GOP Plan to Stack Pennsylvania Courts
By Chris Broader, York Dispatch

PA Legislative Leaders Focused on Partisan Power, Not the People
By Erica Dreabit,

Letter: Stop Gerrymandering in PA
By Howard Bond, State College News

PA Missed the Boat on Gerrymandering Reform. Here’s How Voting Rights Suffered/ Thursday Morning Coffee
By John L. Micek, Pennsylvania Capital Star

Lawmakers Will Rule Again Over Redrawing of PA Political Boundaries, but Critics Aren’t Giving Up
By Cynthia Fernandez, WHYY

Letter:Corman & Benninghoff Failed Us on Redistricting Reform
By Willem van der Berg, State College News

Letters: Gerrymandering is Another Form of Institutionalized Injustice
By Ron Williams, Centre Daily Times

Our Declaration of Independence: PA Wants Redistricting Reform. Lawmakers have Failed to Listen/Opinion
By Carol Kuniholm,
Guest Column: The Right of the Governed
By The Fair Districts PA Leadership Team, The Phoenix

Letter to the Editor/ Hold State Legislators Accountable
By Deanna Haddle, The Tribune-Democrat

Letter to the Editor: Elected Officials Still Ignoring Gerrymandering Bills
By Susan Fudurich, Beaver County Times News

Cambria County Commissioners Support Redistricting Reform
By Mark Pesto,

PA Lawmakers fight over COVID-19 Emergency, Ignore Redistricting Reform Bills/Letter
By Rochelle Kaplan,

Pennsylvania’s General Assembly Should Tackle Redistricting Before Summer Recess: Opinion
By Lynn Miller, The Philadelphia Inquirer

‘It’s Time’ Fair Districts PA Pushes for Redistricting Reform in Drive-by Protest
By Marley Parish,Centre Daily News

PA Needs to Act Quickly on Redistricting Reform Bill/Letter
By Carla Colangelo,

Who Really Decides Legislative Districting?
By Patricia Rooney, MyChesCo

Our Turn: Smithfield Township Adopts Resolution to End Gerrymandering
By Mark Lichty & Robert Moses, Pocono Record

Partisan Politics Leaves the People Without Representation
By Lauren Hopkins,The Courier Express

LTE: Bills To End Gerrymandering Still Stick in LTE: Bills To End Gerrymandering Still Stuck in Committee
By Jennifer Wood,The Beaver County Times

Reader’s Views: PA Needs an Independent Redistricting Commission
By Mary Ann Mack, The Mercury

You Can Vote From Home in PA. Request a Mail-in Ballot/ Letter
By Mary Jo Crowley,

Time’s Running Out for Republicans on Redistricting/ Opinion
By Patrick Beaty, Patriot News/PennLive

Letters: Central PA Legislators Stall on Redistricting Reform
By Debra Trudeau, The Centre Daily Times

Letter:Trust in Citizens:Pass Redistricting Reform
By Chris Bronder, York Dispatch

Reader’s Views:Let’s Not Let Redistricting Reform be a Casualty of COVID-19
By Ruth Yeiser, The Mercury

Bucks Commissioners Hold First Online Meeting, Extend Property Tax Date
By Jeff Ward, WFMZ.TV

Bill White: This Lifelong Lurker May Yet Emerge from the Shadows
By Bill White, The Morning Call

Rockhill, Sellersville Join Redistricting Reform Push
By Chris Ullery, The Intelligencer

Waiting Another Decade for Fair Maps Is Unacceptable
By Carol Kuniholm,

Logan Supervisors Asked for Support
By William Kibler, Altoona Mirror

Take Note: Leader of Fair Districts PA on the Push to End Gerrymandering
By Anne Danahy, WPSU

Letter to the Editor: Gerrymandering
By John Bryner, Franklin County Free Press

State Needs New Process For Redistricting
Herald Standard

Most PA. House Committee Leaders Who Steer Legislation Have No Opposition in this Year’s Elections
By Ford Turner, Allentown Morning Call

Whose Interests Do ‘Our’ State Representatives Serve?
By Denise Williams, Beaver County Times

Sadsbury Twp Lancaster Board of Supervisors Adopts Resolution To End Gerrymandering
By Patricia Rooney, MyChesCo

Independent Panel Should Draw Districts
Daily Local News

Fair Districts PA Calls for an End to Gerrymandering
By NCPA Staff,

All Chester County Legislators Cosponsor Redistricting Reform Bills, Except for One
By Patricia Rooney, MyChesCo

Editorial: In Favor of Independent Commission to Draw Voting Districts
By Alan MacBain, The Reporter

Fairness is Needed Everywhere, But Especially In Voting: Purple Zipper Conversation
By HKine, Wellsboro Gazette

Current Redistricting ProcessSets Stage for Partisan Politics
By Natalie Kennedy, Wellsboro Gazette

PA Is Poster Child for Gerrymandering
By Karen Elias, Lock Haven Express

Political Boundaries Debated at Forum
By Laura Calalano, Pottstown Mercury

Harrisburg Edges Closer to Eliminating Gerrymandering with Bipartisan Support
By Jen Samuel, Daily Local News

Killion Introduces Redistricting Reform Legislation
By Media News Group, Daily Local News

West Vincent Board of Supervisors in Chester County Adopts Resolution to End Gerrymandering
By Patricia Rooney, MyChesCo

4 Chester Count Townships Sign Resolution in 5 Days
By Patricia Rooney, Pottstown Patch

Opinion: What if PA Redistricting Reform Doesn’t Get Done in 2020?
By James Eisenstein, Centre Daily Times

Anti-gerrymandering Forum Set for March 14 in Boyertown
By Media News Group, Daily American Someret News

Officials in Three Chester County Municipalities OK Resolution to End Gerrymandering
By Media News Group, Daily Local News

30 Power-players, Rising Stars & Influencers With the Most Punch in Pennsylvania Politics
By Brad Bunstead, Sam Janesch, Mike Wereshagin, Paula Knudsen, Lancaster Online

Do Pennsylvania Lawmakers Really Want New Redistricting Process? Here’s Why Committee Leader Doubts It.
By Ford Turner, Morning Call

Fair Districts PA Hosts Public Gerrymandering Reform Event at Boyertown Library
By Media News Group, Boyertown Berk Montgomery Newspapers

Redrawing Political Lines Debated at Fair Districts PA Forum
BY Laura Catalans, Daily Local News

Column: Potential Presidential Primary Change Could Give State It’s Voice Back
By Julian Routh, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Redistricting Advocates Warn Legislators Time is Running Out for Change
By Jane Smith, The Meadville Tribune

‘It’s Not Red. It’s Not Blue. It’s Just Fair.’ Redistricting Reform Back in Spotlight in PA
By Marley Parish, Centr Daily Times

Opinion: Getting Residents to Complete Census Important for State, Local Communities
By the Tribune-Democrat, Pocono Record

How the 2020 Census Could Impact PA’s Redistricting Efforts
By Cassie Miller, Pennsylvania Capital Star

Fair Districts PA Applauds Lebanon City Council Redistricting Resolution
By Alexis Steele, Leb Town

Redistricting Fix Sought Before 2020 Census
By John Finnerty, Sunbury Daily

Women’s March Rally Planned for Saturday in Beaver
By J.D. Prose, Elwood City Ledger

Gerrymandering in Crosshairs as Lawmakers Renew Push to Change How PA Draws Legislative Maps
By Ford Turner, Allentown Morning Call

Census 2020: PA is Expected to Lose a Seat in Congress. Here’s Why that’s a Huge Deal
By Allison Stevens, Pennsylvania Capital-Star

2010 is Year of the Voter, & Pennsylvania Should Change Election Mapping Accordingly/ Opinion
By David Thornburgh, Philadelphia Inquirer
January 6, 2020

2019 Was a Big Year for Voting Rights & Election Reform in Pennsylvania & New Jersey
By Jonathan Lai, Philadelphia inquirer
December 31, 2019

Please Say No to Another Decade of Harrisburg Dysfunction
By Carol Kuniholm,
December 27, 2019

Get Ready for Money to Pour into PA Legislative Races Because the Winners Get to Draw Congressional Maps

By Jonathan Lai, Philadelphia Inquirer

December 23, 2019

Itching To Unseat a Pennsylvania State LawMaker? Odds Are You Will Fail
By Ford Turner, Allentown Morning Call
December 19, 2019

PA Senate Seeks Cosponsors for Two New Redistricting Bills
By Patricia Rooney, The Pottstown Patch
December 15,2019

Guest Column: Fair Districts PA & the Restoration of Government of, by, & for the People
By Carol Kuniholm, The Pottstown Mercury News
December 14, 2019

Resolution Passed to Support Effort in Hampton Twp.

By Natalie Beneviat, Hampton Journal/ TribLive
December 2, 2019

Guest Column: PA is Making Progress in War on Gerrymandering

By Tom Buglio, Delaware County Daily Times
November 21, 2019

Brien O’Neill: Just To Mix Things Up, Let Our Reps Vote
By Brien O’Neill, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
November 17, 2019

Forging a Way Toward More Equitable Elections After Supreme Court’s Gerrymandering Decision
by David Thornburgh, The Hill
November 12, 2019

Students Team Up to Redistrict PA

by Staff,
November 5, 2019

Poll Shows Huge Support for Redistricting Reform among PA Voters

by Patricia Rooney, Pottstown Patch
October 18, 2019

Majority of Pennsylvanians favor overhauling how congressional, legislative districts are drawn

By Karen Shuey, Reading Eagle
October 18, 2019

These six charts tell you how Pa. voters feel about gerrymandering (Spoiler: They oppose it)

By Jonathan Lai, The Philadephia Inquirer
October 10, 2019

Survey: Most Pa. voters support independent redistricting commission

By Emily Previti, PA Post
October 9, 2019

Redistricting reform key to regaining trust, Pennsylvania lawmakers told, but some question need for sweeping changes

By Kim Jarrett, The Center Square
September 18, 2019

Battle Lines

By Mike Wereschagin, The Citizens’ Voice
September 15, 2019

Redistricting commission calls for 11-person group to redraw state political maps

By John Finnerty, New Castle News
August 30, 2019

Salisbury Township supports Fair Districts PA

By Louis Gombocz, WFMZ
August 22,2019

Sappey talks redistricting at town hall meeting

By Bill Rettew, Daily Local News
August 9, 2019

Coalition rallies against PA gerrymandering

By Owen Walsh, The River Reporter
July 31, 2019

Gerrymandering in Pa.: Why the risk is (still) real

By Emily Previti, WITF
July 9, 2019

Pennsylvania group to keep pushing for independent redistricting commission

By Jamie Martines, TribLive
June 27, 2019

East Norriton supervisors vote to stop gerrymandering

By A.L. Grabenstein, The Times Herald
May 30, 2019

Redistricting ideas considered: Commission looks at ways to fix practice of gerrymandering

By William Kibler, Altoona Mirror
May 17, 2019

Fair Districts PA uses primary to call for gerrymandering reform

By Evan Brandt, Daily Times
May 17, 2019

Selinsgrove Borough Council: Abolish gerrymandering in Pa

By Marcia Moore, The Daily Item
May 10, 2019

Your Community Live! Fair Districts PA

PA Live!
April 18, 2019

Reformers hope redistricting can open broader conversation on changing Harrisburg

By Stephen Caruso, Pennsylvania Capital-Star
April 16, 2019

Two Redistricting Bills in Pa. House

By Darryl Berger, WNPV
April 10, 2019

LOOKING FOR BALANCE: Gerrymandering still controversial at Capitol

By John Finnerty, The Daily Item
March 23, 2019

Skippack supervisors call for ‘fair redistricting’

By Evan Brandt, Pottstown Mercury
March 15, 2019

Redistricting reformers have one more shot at preventing a 2021 gerrymander

By Stephen Caruso, Pennsylvania Capital-Star
March 7, 2019

Anti-gerrymandering events coming to Boyertown, Pottstown

By Evan Brandt, West Chester Daily Local News
February 22, 2019

Berks League of Women Voters says district maps drawn after 2020 Census could set political landscape for decades

By Dan Kelly, Reading Eagle
February 22, 2019

Muhlenberg hosts discussion on stopping excessive gerrymandering

By Jacqueline Palochko, The Morning Call
February 21, 2019

Redistricting reform, corrupt gerrymandering reviewed at local Fair Districts PA panel

By Thomas Friestad, Bucks County Courier Times
February 19, 2019

Lower Saucon Council Votes to Support Redistricting Resolution

By Mark Salgado, Saucon Source
January 19, 2019

Amid swearing-in, lawmakers add significant updates to chamber rules

By Katie Meyer, WITF
January 1, 2019

Many PA Voters Had No Choice At The Polls, Some Say The Electoral Map Is To Blame

By Chris Potter, WESA
December 11, 2018

The election is over; what lies ahead for Pennsylvania?

Smart Talk
November 9, 2018

Voting: redistricting and restricting

Radio Times
October 18, 2018

Redistricting reformers looking outside the box for legislative options

By Katie Meyer, WITF
August 9, 2018

Local reformers angered by changes to redistricting bill

By James Boyle, The Intelligencer
June 15, 2018

City OKs activist proposal

By William Kibler, Altoona Mirror
June 14, 2018

Pennsylvania advocates push for redistricting change

By Steve Essack, The Morning Call
June 11, 2018

Pittsburgh event will explore letting citizens draw congressional districts

By Wes Venteicher, Tribune-Review
May 23, 2018

Pa. lawmakers advance redistricting reforms as June deadline looms

By Emily Previti, Keystone Crossroads
May 22, 2018

Is there hope for a permanent solution to gerrymandering?

By Joseph Hainthaler, Reading Eagle
May 21, 2018

Poll: Commission Favored To Re-Map Districts

By Joe Zlomeck, The Post
May 2, 2018

Berks County residents join rally to end gerrymandering

By Jennifer Hanf, Berks-Mont News
April 19, 2018

Roe denounces amendment to redistricting bill

By Richard Gaw, Chester County Press
April 17, 2018

Harrisburg Rally Inspires Hope Amid Setback in Redistricting Fight

By James O’Malley, Bucks County Courier Times
April 16, 2018

Fair Districts unhappy with amended redistricting bill

Smart Talk
April 13, 2018

Legislators racing clock to reform redistricting

By Tim Darragh, The Morning Call
March 30, 2018

IRP Talk Focuses on Gerrymandering

By Andrea Rose, Bucks County Courier Times
March 9, 2018

Whitpain Township passes resolution supporting independent citizens commission to end gerrymandering

By Fair Districts PA, The Times Herald
March 7, 2018

Rally Supports Redistricting Commission

By Stephanie Bettick, The Standard-Journal
February 12, 2018

The Courts Draw The Line For Gerrymandering

February 12, 2018

Deadline looms for new PA congressional map

By Ron Hilliard,
February 9, 2018

‘Fair Districts’ group continues making case for new legislative map

By Dan Sokil, North Penn Life
January 31, 2018

County stands behind ‘Fair Districts’ 100 percent

By Sarah Paez, The Express
December 8, 2017

A Closer Look at Gerrymandering in PA

November 3, 2017

Fair Districts PA Urges Senate Leader To Reform Redistricting

By Min Xian, WPSU
October 20, 2017

Why Philadelphia business should care about gerrymandering in Pa.

By Alison Burdo, Philadelphia Business Journal
October 10, 2017

Gerrymandering, ‘political laser surgery,’ stokes fresh ire, legal fights

By Colt Shaw, Philadelphia Inquirer
October 9, 2017

Supporters of redistricting reform take grassroots effort to Pennsylvania Capitol

By Charles Thompson, PennLive
September 13, 2017

Ralliers try to convince lawmakers to act on gerrymandering

By Katie Meyer, WITF
September 13, 2017

Political maps under fire as Supreme Court case on tailor-made districts looms

By Richard Wolf, USA Today
August 24, 2017

Rally targets gerrymandering

By Jon O’Connell, Scranton Times-Tribune
July 24, 2017

How these Pa. lawmakers plan to bring fairness to elections

By Alyssa Mursch, Lehigh Valley Live
June 18, 2017

This Pennsylvania lawmaker says nobody’s vote counts

By Rick Lee, York Daily Record
June 8, 2017

‘Slay the gerrymander’: Is Pa. ready for redistricting reform?

By Wallace McKelvey, PennLive
May 9, 2017

Pennsylvania antigerrymandering bill gaining traction

By Bo Koltnow, 69 News WFMZ TV
April 18, 2017

Public interest grows in fair voting districts

By Jim Hook, USA Today
April 10, 2017

Local activists drawing the line on who gets to change congressional borders

By Michelle Bond,
April 14, 2017

Pittsburghers talk gerrymandering

By Stephen Caruso, PittNews
April 7, 2017

Citizens starting to see dangers of gerrymandering

By Chris Satullo,
April 3, 2017

Where Allegheny County’s Harrisburg Delegation stands on redistricting reform

By Sarah Anne Hughes, The Incline
March 23, 2017

Gerrymandering Must Go!

Editorial, Bucks County Herald
March 23, 2017

Move afoot to change how PA draws political boundaries

By Chris Potter, Pittsburgh Post Gazette
March 22, 2017

Redistricting reform: can public fervor create political will?

By Jason Addy,York Dispatch
March 15, 2017

The Gerrymandering Problem

Radio Times
March 13, 2017

Gerrymandering battle draws a crowd

By Dave Davies, Newsworks
March 1, 2017

Kutztown University forum focuses on drawing of legislative districts

By Ron Devlin, Reading Eagle
February 24, 2017

Lehigh County commissioners back redistricting reform before surprise crowd

By Tom Shortell, The Morning Call
February 23, 2017

Democrats hold the card for state-level redistricting

By Tom Shortell, PoliticsPA
February 22, 2017

Pennsylvania’s Congressional Districts

Smart Talk
February 20, 2017

A chance every ten years to reform government on the ground

Chris Brennan,
February 6, 2017

Gerrymandering reform gaining grassroots momentum

By Bill White, The Morning Call
February 1, 2017

Congressional redistricting event draws surprising crowd in Philly

By Dave Davies, Newsworks
January 30, 2017

Dividing Lines

By Lindsay Lazarski, Keystone Crossroads
November 4, 2016

Taking politicians out of redistricting

Smart Talk
February 4, 2016