Take Action

Help us make fair districts a reality—by sharing your voice, your time, and your passion with others.

With your help, we can rally every Pennsylvanian around our cause, and make the call for change impossible to ignore. The first step is to sign our petition asking state legislators to stop gerrymandering in our state.

Sign the petition now

Once you’ve signed, read on for more ways to help—whether you have just a few minutes to call your legislator, or you want to volunteer on a weekly basis. Then head over to our Materials page to download items to share within your community, or collect petition signatures.

Other ways to get involved

Reform the Rules

It’s time to reform PA House rules. We’re focusing attention on procedural rules that got in the way of reform. Take action today!

Contact your legislators

Find your representatives, gain insight into their positions, and get talking points.

Write an op-ed

Learn how to get a letter or editorial published in your local newspaper.

Pass a local resolution

See how you can get your city, borough, township, or county government to pass a resolution in favor of fair redistricting.

Request a Speaker

Ask for a Fair Districts PA volunteer to present to your organization or community group.