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Wanted: Fix Harrisburg Summer Interns

Are you interested in Pennsylvania politics? Do you care about improving our state democracy? Consider an internship with Fix Harrisburg.

Memorandum on House Rules Reform

The Fair Districts PA rules research team has spent much time in the past few weeks reviewing House Resolution 1, discussing the process leading up to the vote on March 1, and looking back at final statistics from the 2021-2022 session.

No Way to Handle the PA Constitution

In 2022, the PA General Assembly passed five constitutional amendments as part of one bill, Senate Bill 106, with late night votes weeks after the normal start of summer recess. After voter outcry about one of those amendments, the PA Senate has struck again, unbundling the five, then putting a different mix of three together in just three legislative days.

Rules can promote collaboration, accountability and bipartisanship

We are not lawyers, parliamentarians or procedural experts, but we HAVE spent the last few years deep in research on rules in use in other states and have also logged hundreds of hours of conversation with Pennsylvania legislators in both parties and both chambers.


Fix Harrisburg Rally

On the first day of the 2023-2024 legislative session, supporters came to Harrisburg to ask for better procedural rules.

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Fix Harrisburg Advocacy Action

The status quo is not working in Harrisburg. We are asking for better procedural rules that support collaborative policymaking. The vote on rules has taken place in the Senate, but is still not scheduled in the House. Contact your state representative AND legislative leaders.