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Gut and replacement of SB222

On June 22, the Senate State Government Committee met briefly to vote on three bills, in a meeting announced with less than 24 hours notice. Senate Bill 222 was one of those bills.

FDPA gives testimony

On May 26, Carol Kuniholm and Pat Beaty of Fair Districts PA gave testimony on congressional redistricting criteria to the PA Senate State Government committee. View hearing agenda and recording here. Read full FDPA testimony below.

PA Voters took action to say “We want fair districts!”

Between April 24 and May 1, Fair Districts PA and the League of Women Voters PA held events across the commonwealth to make it clear: now is the time to put transparency and accountability into the redistricting process.

April Action

April Action

It’s time to be even more visible in our demand for fair maps for Pennsylvania elections. Join us to take Action in April.

End Prison Gerrymandering in PA

When the Census Bureau counts people every ten years, people in prison are counted as part of the electoral districts where they are incarcerated, rather than in their home communities. This distorts representation at local and state levels, giving prison districts undeserved strength in the state legislature and reducing the influence of communities whose populations are most impacted by incarceration.