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Abusing our State Constitution to Grab Power Must Stop.

There are two PA House bills to amend the state constitution — which means there is no gubernatorial veto — that may come up for votes within the next week. These amendments would seriously damage our state’s democracy.

Statement on Congressional Maps

Fair Districts PA announces support for the proposed maps of Governor Wolf and Draw The Lines. Today the Senate State Government Committee meets to vote on a Congressional Map.

Citizen testimony collated by FDPA Volunteers

One commission, two committees and a Governor’s Advisory Council all arranged for public testimony and took public comment. Our volunteers watched every hearing, transcribed oral testimony, and read available submitted written testimony, collating it into a searchable source available to the public.

Preliminary Legislative Maps

In many ways this was an historic occasion. For the first time, there were two women on the commission. For the first time, one was a person of color. And for the first time, the Chair, Mark Nordenberg, had his own team, rather than simply serving as deciding vote on maps drawn by caucus staff.

Opposition to House Bill 2207

Fair Districts PA sent the following letter to members of the House State Government Committee in response to HB 2207 introduced on January 4 and scheduled for a vote on January 10.

Preliminary Maps: Review and Offer Comment

On December 15, the House State Government Committee passed an amended Congressional map from committee. The next day, the Legislative Reapportionment Commission passed preliminary House and Senate maps.

Citizens now have thirty days to offer comment on the legislative maps and an undisclosed number of days to comment on the Congressional map.

Preliminary Congressional Plan

On December 8, Representative Seth Grove, Chair of the House State Government Committee, announced a preliminary Congressional plan. The map was created by Amanda Holt, litigant in a successful appeal in the 2011-2012 redistricting cycle.