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Mapping app lets you Draw the Lines

Think you can do a better redistricting job than the PA Legislature? Enter the statewide competition sponsored by the nonpartisan Committee of Seventy and draw your own electoral lines with the same technology the experts use.

Open letter to PA legislators: Enough already. End gerrymandering now.

Fair Districts PA, allied organizations, and thousands of citizens have worked hard to shepherd redistricting reform bills through the legislative process over the last 20 months. We will NOT sit quietly by as politicians in Harrisburg try to derail that effort and preserve a self-serving status quo. There are just five session days left. We call on our legislators to pass a clean, strong redistricting reform bill now. No summer break until they do their job.

We urge our legislators to pass a clean, strong redistricting reform bill without delay.

The Aument amendment, adding provisions for regional judicial elections, was voted into Senate Bill 22 on June 12, largely along a party line vote (35-14). This was just minutes after a nearly unanimous vote (48-1) on the carefully negotiated omnibus amendment to strengthen the bill. Whatever the merits of the idea of judicial regions, we object strongly to its last-minute and unvetted inclusion as an amendment to SB 22.

SB 22 hijacked in Senate. Disappointed, but NOT defeated.

On Tuesday, June 12 on the Senate floor, SB 22 was cynically hijacked by majority leaders. The Senate was meeting to discuss and vote on amendments to SB 22. Two amendments passed: one that strengthened SB 22 and increased its bipartisan appeal, and one that turned SB 22 into a deeply partisan poison pill - or a Trojan Horse, depending on one’s perspective.