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December Advocacy Action

The status quo is not working in Harrisburg. We are asking for better procedural rules that support collaborative policymaking. Contact your state representative and senator, AND legislative leaders.

Reclaiming Our Democracy: Redistricting, Rules and Representation

About 130 Pennsylvanians gathered at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Harrisburg to celebrate accomplishments of the past few years and prepare for the challenges ahead. FDPA Chair Carol Kuniholm opened the meeting, acknowledging the dedicated work of volunteers across the state that contributed to better legislative maps drawn for the next decade.

Better Maps Yield More Responsive Representation

With the election this past week, it’s clear to us that the last seven years of work by Fair Districts PA and our partners has resulted in districts more representative to the state as a whole.

Ask your candidates where they stand

We’ve asked ALL candidates for PA General Assembly where they stand on redistricting reform and better legislative rules. Join us in insisting they respond

The Man-Made Disaster Continues

PA legislators have recessed for the summer, leaving unresolved many pressing problems in need of legislative solutions.