Polling Place Outreach Reaches Thousands of Voters

The Independent Citizens Redistricting Commission Petition is Back!

Fair Districts PA volunteers at 50 polls

On Election Day, Fair Districts PA volunteers from across the state donned their FDPA apparel and invited voters to show their support for an Independent Redistricting Commission to draw our state legislative and congressional maps. Some volunteers put in a shift near home before or after work. Others gave an entire day to volunteer in a region where we need to grow. In all, volunteers spent time at 50 targeted polling places in 26 counties. In parking lots, outside firehouses and rec centers, churches and township buildings, volunteers answered questions, explained the word “gerrymandering” and encouraged voters to signify their support for an amendment to the PA Constitution to allow an independent citizen commission to draw district maps.

Over 4500 voters signed petitions

A growing number of voters are aware of gerrymandering, although many are still happy to hear an explanation. Some say - with no explanation at all - “You bet I’ll sign!” while others want details, definitions and materials to consider. Some expressed skepticism that individual conversations with voters would make a difference. Their hopes were buoyed when they learned that volunteers were at polls across the state. In some places, committee members from both parties signed and wanted to hear more. In others, candidates who showed up to hand out materials engaged with volunteers with good questions and interesting perspectives. In all, over 4500 voters signed our petition.

Gerrymandering is wrong no matter who does it

While many voters had heard about gerrymandering, most did not know that Pennsylvanians had no legal protections from gerrymandering in the future. Everyone agreed that, if allowed, Democrats would draw maps to favor Democrats while Republicans would draw maps to favor Republicans. No one thought it would be fair if the 2031 Harrisburg majority party was allowed to cement their advantage for a decade by gerrymandering the maps. For voters of all parties, not knowing who would be in the majority party in 2031 was a very powerful argument for the Independent Redistricting Commission. Voters of all backgrounds agreed that politicians should not be picking their voters and that voters (not maps) should be choosing the majority party in Harrisburg.

Massive multi-partisan appeal

Our nonpartisan solution of an Independent Redistricting Commission appeals to voters of all types and backgrounds. Voters we spoke to were supportive no matter what type of hat they wore. Whether wearing MAGA hats or military hats or Phillies caps or BLM caps, voters we spoke to were supportive. Pennsylvanians understand that unfair districts hurt all of us because they make politicians less accountable.

It was a great day for democracy and for voters in Pennsylvania!

There are over 7000 polls in our state, so chances are you didn’t see a Fair Districts PA volunteer at yours. But you can still be part of the effort to end gerrymandering in Pennsylvania and make your vote count!

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