Local Leader: Rebecca Womack

What’s New: City Council Resolution and Candidate Survey

Here in Philadelphia, we are actively working to get our City Council to pass a resolution that urges members of the Pennsylvania Legislature to end Pennsylvania’s extreme gerrymandering (district rigging) problem by handing over the task of congressional AND state legislative redistricting to an independent citizens commission that must follow strict rules for fairness and transparency.

To date, 296 municipalities and counties in Pennsylvania have adopted such resolutions. Their governing boards - including both Democratic and Republican majorities - represent 7.2 million people, or about 56% of the state population.

We have invited every candidate for city council to complete a short survey asking if they support passing a resolution in Philadelphia, and why or why not. Click on your district and the at-large category below to learn how your incumbents and their challengers measure up. We are posting survey results as they come in. If you don’t see a candidate, it’s because they have not yet completed the survey.

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