Montgomery County

Local Leader: Rich Rafferty

Fair Districts PA of Montgomery County (MontCo) is a group of volunteers working to restore democracy to our community by educating ourselves, our neighbors, and our elected officials on the harmful effects of gerrymandering, and applying pressure on the Legislature to pass redistricting reform.

Gerrymandering hurts MontCo

Gerrymandering has split Montgomery County among multiple legislators, diluting our voice:

Do you have an example of how gerrymandering has impacted you or your community? Send us an email at

How to get involved

  1. Attend an information session or member meeting.
    Sessions are held at local libraries or other community locations. Watch the events calendar for the latest listings.
  2. Follow our Facebook Page.
  3. Volunteer with us!
    Whether you have a few hours a week or a just one or two hours a month, we have a range of activities that we need help with to spread the word about the impact of gerrymandering and connect with our legislators. Fill out this form with your areas of interest and we will get you started. You can also sign up to volunteer at our library events.
  4. Help with our organization outreach.
    Do you belong to an organization or club that would like to learn more about gerrymandering and how we can implement redistricting reform? Whether it’s a formal organization, business, book club, or a group of your friends, we are willing to come meet with you. Email us at

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