Nearly 9,000 Sign FDPA Redistricting Reform Petition on Election Day

Our nonpartisan solution to end gerrymandering in PA by establishing an independent citizens redistricting commission resonates with voters of all political stripes.

400+ volunteers at 100+ polls

More than 400 volunteers from across the state donned their Fair Districts PA t-shirts or buttons and hit the polls on Primary Election day. We had a presence at over 100 polling places across the state of Pennsylvania. We were literally in every corner of the state (Erie, Allegheny, Philadelphia and Wayne counties), as well as the “Centre” and numerous counties in between - from Lancaster to Lehigh to Lycoming.

Nearly 9,000 voters sign petitions

Working in shifts from the 7 am opening of polls until 8 pm closing, volunteers spent the day educating voters about the extreme gerrymandering that has tainted Pennsylvania’s congressional and state legislative districts for far too long. Many voters were aware of gerrymandering, but not of possible solutions.

Some voters had never heard of gerrymandering but were happy to take information to learn more. Others were aware of the problem, but not of possible solutions. Some thought the recent PA Supreme Court case solved the problem and were surprised to learn that our Congressional map will be redrawn in 2021. Very few were aware that our state House and Senate districts are among the most distorted in the country.

After a short conversation, most voters were eager to support our nonpartisan solution - an independent citizens commission, with public input, transparent process and no use of partisan data. Volunteers invited voters to take action by signing our petition urging their state legislators and other elected officials to replace our current partisan process with an impartial, independent citizens commission in time for the 2021 redistricting. We’re still counting, but it looks like our count will be around 9,000 new signatures.

Massive multi-partisan appeal

Our nonpartisan solution appeals to voters of all types and backgrounds. Voters we spoke to were supportive no matter what type of hat they wore: MAGA hats, military hats or Phillies baseball caps. In rural, suburban and urban districts, voters would like to see more responsive, effective representation in Congress and our state legislature. Pennsylvanians understand that gerrymandering hurts all of us because it makes politicians less accountable.

It was a great day for democracy and for voters in Pennsylvania!

There are over 7,000 polls in our state, so chances are you didn’t see a Fair Districts PA volunteer at yours. But you can still be part of the effort to end gerrymandering in Pennsylvania and make your vote count!

If you didn’t see a volunteer at your polling place, you can still sign our petition.

Want to help out? Collect petition signatures!

If you weren’t able to gather petitions signatures at the polling place here’s a petition sign up form you can download and gather signatures from your friends and neighbors. Directions on where to send completed forms are at the bottom of the form. Every signature counts!

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