LACRA Values Mapping Contest

Get ready for redistricting! Ten $1000 prizes will be given for the top PA house and senate district plans (five in each category) that meet criteria proposed in LACRA (the Legislative and Congressional Redistricting Act, HB 22/SB 222).

Maps drawn to acknowledge current districts and include cores of those districts in some way will be given preference so long as they meet other LACRA requirements.

Winning maps will be used in community listening conversations throughout PA in preparation for final composite maps to be submitted to the Legislative Reapportionment Commission. While LACRA has not been enacted and has run out of time in the current legislative session, our goal is to show LACRA criteria in action and ask for maps that meet those criteria.

Any Pennsylvanian is welcome to submit one or more maps. Maps previously submitted to other contests are eligible as long as they meet LACRA criteria. Judges will include members of Fair Districts PA executive committee and national mapping advisors.

Total of ten prizes in all: five in each category (203 house districts or 50 senate districts).

Deadline: Midnight, July 14

Essential criteria:

Secondary criteria:

Platforms: Dave’s Redistricting App OR DistrictBuilder