Growing Interest in Redistricting Efforts

Representatives of Fair Districts PA have been speaking at dozens of events, large and small, across the state. In many cases the crowds are far larger than expected. 

In Philadelphia, on January 25th, a “surprising crowd” of more than 800 packed a historic church in Center City, Philadelphia to find out more about gerrymandering’s impact on Pennsylvania.

In Allentown, just a few days later, a large church fellowship hall was standing-room only.

Reporter Bill White of the Harrisburg Morning Call, describing gerrymandering in PA, wrote:

It’s an issue I’ve felt strongly about for a long time. Pennsylvania is considered a national model for those who like the idea of protecting incumbent congressmen and state legislators from anything resembling accountability to voters.
I’ve never felt so strongly that there’s a chance of actually doing something about it until I saw the crowds who turned out in a much smaller venue in Bethlehem last August and then Friday night in Allentown. In both cases, they heard excellent presentations laying out the terrible scope of this problem and how it can be solved. Similar gatherings in Philadelphia and elsewhere also have drawn big crowds.

FDPA speakers are greeting crowds in civic salons in city bars, in Quaker meeting houses, in libraries, community rooms, college campuses.

Redistricting reform will require a groundswell of educated, engaged, persistent citizens. To request a speaker in your own locations, to volunteer as a speaker or publicize an informational event, visit our Action Toolkit.