Fair Districts PA 2024 Mapping Contest

Without prioritized mapping criteria, even an independent redistricting commission can run into trouble drawing maps that represent communities well and avoid extensive litigation. That’s why we’re testing proposed criteria in a summer mapping contest.

Fair Districts PA supported two almost identical bills this session: House Bill 1776 and Senate Bill 1076. The bills propose prioritized mapping criteria that reflect lessons learned from recent redistricting in PA and in other states. Time is running out in this session for both bills. They will be reintroduced early in 2025 with revisions reflecting input from legislators, national experts and mappers. The goal of this contest is to have mappers from a mix of locations, backgrounds and political affiliations draw district maps, test the criteria and answer some important questions:

Anyone 13 or over is welcome to submit one or more maps in any or all categories (PA House, PA Senate, US Congress).

To expedite comparison, all maps must be drawn and submitted on DRA 2020/ Dave’s Redistricting App.

Winning maps in each category will receive a small cash prize:

All entrants will be invited to a post-contest conversation about mapping criteria and will have the honor of a meaningful role in the national conversation surrounding redistricting reform.



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