Don’t Understand Gerrymandering? Maybe Jerry Mandering Can Break it Down

Sometimes, humor can help break down complex concepts and ideas and help us have a more complete perspective of a subject matter.

When it comes to gerrymandering (a complex and confusing concept if there ever was one), we’re hoping this video about Jerry Mandering might be able to do just that.

Just by way of background, “gerrymandering” refers to the practice of dividing a geographic area into legislative districts in a way that gives political advantage to one party or group in an election.

The term was first used in 1812 by a political reporter to refer to a representative district created during the term of Gov. Elbridge Gerry of Massachusetts.

The Boston Gazette satirized one of the districts with a cartoon, depicting a monster that was likened to the shape of a salamander - thus coining the word gerrymander. The term soon gained common usage and was eventually published in dictionaries.

And Jerry Mandering? He’s a faux political candidate running for office.