April Action

It’s time to be even more visible in our demand for fair maps for Pennsylvania elections. Join us to take Action in April.

The League of Women Voters US has declared April 29 the People Powered Fair Maps National Day of Action. Local Leagues and Fair Districts PA groups are partnering in actions across the state. View the full list and descriptions of actions happening on the 29th and the weeks before and after.

We at Fair Districts PA are also planning an action in Harrisburg on April 28 to say PA VOTERS WANT FAIR DISTRICTS. We want LACRA passed NOW, not sometime in the future. And we want as much of the bill as possible so we have real transparency, real public engagement, and real, enforceable rules for how maps are drawn, now and in the future.

Time is short to pass reform, so we’re also asking supporters to take personal action in many ways throughout the month. Each week we’ll post an update suggesting five ways you can take action. Do them all in one day, spread them out through the week, do one or all. You choose. Just ACT! Remember: democracy is NOT a spectator sport! This week?

  1. Check out the list of Day of Action events and sign up for one that works for you.
  2. Order postcards or start making or collecting some of your own
  3. Like and share a local FDPA Facebook page, or follow FDPA on Instagram or Twitter.
  4. Share the FDPA Join Us link with five friends or neighbors.
  5. Check the Draw the Lines PA Voteswagon map and make a plan to meet it in your area. Show up in your FDPA tee shirt, wear an FDPA pin, or make a simple sign saying “PA voters want fair districts!” Come say hi, talk to the press, and show PA voters in every part of the state are paying attention and want a better process.
All events will follow appropriate CDC health and safety precautions related to the pandemic.