UPDATE: Alternatives, Action, Appreciation

Our bills are dead for this session, but our work is far from over.

If you’ve followed our recent updates you know we did all we could to get a fair hearing and vote on a constitutional amendment to create an independent redistricting commission. Despite an amazing amount of good work by supporters, advocates and legislative allies, our bills were buried in legislative dysfunction and House leadership failure to negotiate consensus.

What’s next?

With few session days left, we will NOT be supporting any other legislation this year. Instead, we’ll be talking with experts, gathering ideas from supporters and legislators and defining priorities so we have a plan ready, and possibly legislation drafted, when the next session starts in January.

There are many possible alternatives.

All require research, discussion and a strategy for implementation. Here are some:

Keep momentum growing!

Invite a speaker

Invite a speaker to present at your local library, your local civic club or group, your church.

Hold a viewing party

Watch Justice and Gerrymandering with your faith community or friends, or view the shorter Voices of Fair Districts PA and talk about impacts on your own community.

Introduce a Resolution

Check our map to see if it’s already been done, then request materials here.

Grow our numbers and political muscle:

Collect petition signatures

Help us double the number of petition signers. Consider canvassing your neighborhood or setting up a table at a community event.

Join or start a local group

Make sure you’re part of an FDPA local group. If you’re on Facebook, Like and Follow your local group, or find one in a nearby county to Like and Follow. If you’re in an area that doesn’t have a local group, help us start one.

Update your subscriber information

Check that we have your address so your local group can contact you and we can send action alerts specific to your legislator. Sign into your Action Network account and select “edit your profile”

Not a subscriber? Join today!

Make this an election issue:

While Fair Districts PA as an organization won’t be supporting or opposing candidates, we strongly encourage individuals to actively support candidates who will work for reform and to oppose those who won’t.

make a donation

We are very dependent on small-dollar donations. Consider setting up a small recurring donation. Find mailing address here if you’d prefer to mail a check.