Detailed District Maps

The link below will take you off our site and will allow you to view an individual county with a variety of district boundaries as layers - school district, PA Senate and House, municipal, and US Congressional. Once you click on a county you can turn layers on and off.

County Interactive Maps

Pennsylvania CSAs / MSAs

Combined Statistical Areas (CSA) and Metropolitan Statistical Areas (MSA) are geographical regions with relatively high population density and close economic ties throughout the area.

NOTE: These maps only show the current voting maps.

2011 vs. 2018 Congressional Map

Redistricting & You: Pennsylvania

Click here to view an online tool that allows you to compare your own district on the current PA maps and the FDPA proposed People’s House & Senate Maps or Draw the Lines’ Citizens’ Congressional Map. When the Legislative Reapportionment Commission and General Assembly share their maps they’ll be added. Choose maps to compare on left, then toggle the central slider to show current, proposed, or both maps at once. Click on a location to compare current and proposed districts.