The Solution

An amendment to the PA Constitution to establish an Independent Redistricting Commission (IRC)

Fair Districts PA and partner organizations are working to amend the PA Constitution to create a commission composed of citizens with no vested interest in the way districts are drawn. That commission, the IRC, would redraw congressional and PA House and Senate districts, streamlining two separate processes into one.

Multiple states are testing out different best practices in creating IRCs. Not all commissions described as IRCs are genuinely independent. Litigation in several states following the 2021 redistricting process demonstrated that if elected officials have an influential role in selecting commissioners or approving final maps, gerrymandered districts are still a likely result.

Litigation also makes clear that additional protections are necessary. If the process is not transparent or if public input is ignored, even an IRC can fall short in creating districts that reflect voter interests and provide fair representation. Clear mapping standards are also essential, but even those can lose strength if legislation does not provide a clear order of priority.

Commission highlights

Fair Districts PA supports a constitutional amendment to accomplish the following:

In addition, to provide accurate representation and compliance with PA voter registration statutes, FDPA supports counting incarcerated persons in their place of last residence.

We can make it happen

We’ve been advocating for a fair redistricting process since 2016. We know that our current maps are in part due to the tireless advocacy of our volunteers and residents across the Commonwealth. This constitutional amendment is only possible with the support of people like you.

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