Easton/Palmer Twp 2/24 Info & Update Meeting

Monday, February 24th, 2020 | 7:00pm
Easton, PA

Venue Information

Palmer Township Library
1 Weller Place
Easton, PA

Event Type

Local Group Meeting

Local Group Affiliation

Event Description

The first half hour of our meeting will review some redistricting reform basics for new folks. We will explain:
• What the current redistricting process is (how voting districts are drawn for both congressional and state representation seats).
• Why PA is ranked as one of the worst states for partisan gerrymandering.
• How gerrymandering affects all of us — by affecting our choice at the polls, our ability to influence our lawmakers about issues we care about, and how it impacts the business community.

Then, we will provide updates on
• Fair Districts PA 2020 legislative strategy and timetable
• Updates from recent meetings with local legislators
• Fair Districts PA new advertising/awareness campaign
• How you can make a difference:3/23 Rally in Harrisburg, Election Day Outreach, local volunteering opportunities

More info here.


Carla Colangelo