Know Before You Vote

Find out where candidates in the 2020 general elections stand on redistricting reform.

Before the primary election we asked all candidates to complete our two question survey. We are now reaching out to all general election candidates, including third party candidates.

Fair Districts PA is tracking where all PA state legislative candidates in the November 2020 election stand on replacing our hyper-partisan redistricting process with a transparent, accountable and responsive process.

We asked candidates for PA Senate (only odd numbered districts are up for election) and PA House to answer our survey questions:

“What is your position on an independent citizens redistricting commission?”

“What is your position on legislation to ensure transparency, public input and clear, enforceable criteria for redistricting?”

Their answers will tell you:

Candidates were invited to provide up to three links to statements or video on redistricting reform or to the issues section of their candidate website.

Search by district number

To see the candidates’ responses, select a House or Senate district from the drop-down menu below. You can also enter the district number or the name of your county in the filter box to the right. You can look up your district numbers here: PA House/PA Senate/US Congress.

More candidate info at Vote411

Search geographically

Select a district from the House or Senate map below. This will set the drop-down menu and candidate responses in the section above. You can zoom and scroll the map to find the districts you’re interested in.

Are you a voter?

Our survey of candidates is not yet complete. If any of your candidates haven’t responded, you can help fill in the gaps:

  1. Follow the steps above to see if your candidates responded.
  2. If not, use the supplied email address to contact their offices. Ask them to email to request a survey form.
  3. If a candidate has already responded, send them a thank-you email!

Are you a candidate?

Please contact us and ask for a link to our survey, so you can tell us where you stand on creating an independent commission to redraw political maps.